Governors Phillip & Macquarie Towers

1 Farrer Place, Sydney 2000 (cnr Bent St and Phillip St)


No exhibitions scheduled at this time. Please check the homepage for all open and upcoming exhibitions.



5 May – 30 May, 2014

6 May – 31 May, 2013

7 May – 1 June, 2012

2 May – 20 May, 2011

3 May – 21 May, 2010

4 May – 22 May, 2009

5 May – 31 May, 2008

23 April – 19 May, 2007

24 April – 20 May, 2006

About Governors Phillip & Macquarie Towers

Located in the heart of Sydney’s financial district and a short stroll away from the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay and close to the Botanic Gardens. 

The vast foyer areas for the exhibition are unsurpassed for a sculptural show. The venue provides exceptional qualities of light and space and offers a wonderful opportunity for members to show their work to those working in and visiting the city.

“The Towers exhibition space doesn’t present its sculptures uninterruptedly but more like a book of short stories – which you can pick up and put down and in a two part series, the second part just as interesting as the first part. The broad collection varies from the witty to the visually entertaining to the more formalistic analysis of line, mass and volume. In its entirety, it is an impressive show.” -Angela Morrell, May 2008.

1 Farrer Place, Sydney (corner Bent St and Phillip St)