AMP 2015:

This year we are conducting our first 3 VENUE EXHIBITION in the foyers of 3 AMP buildings in Sydney's CBD.

These are:  

NAB HOUSE - 255 George Street, Sydney.  29 June - 17 July, 2015
AMP CENTRE - 50 Bridge Street, Sydney. 29 June - 7 August, 2015

ANGEL PLACE - Sydney (near Martin Place), 29 June - 21 August, 2015

 scroll down to see all the venues.



Alex Sandor Kolozsy                                       Amanda Harrison
"Don Quixote (Sir Robert Helpmann) A/P           "Dancing for Joy"
Bronze/Marble                                                 Stainless steel

60 x 38 x 40cms                                              43 x 33 x 18cms


Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski                   Christophe Conder
"Halo"                                                 "In The Beginning"

Cast Aluminium                                   Sandstone
91 x 38 x 24cms                                  38 x 55 x 29cms


Feyona van Stom                                                  Feyona van Stom

"Blue Jade"                                                           "Riding High"

Dry Glazed Ceramic                                               Woodfired Ceramic

45 x 27 x 20cms                                                    40 x 35 x 30cms



Graham Radcliffe                                                 Graham Radcliffe
"Kalgoorlie"                                                         "Darwin's Dilemma III"
Bronze                                                                Statuario Marble
50 x 50 x 12cms                                                  102 x 40 x 25cms


Jenny Green                                                        Jolanta Janavicius
"Tread Lightly"                                                      "Bird Tree"

Painted Steel                                                       Ceramic
90 x 70 x 30cms                                                  52 x 39 x 39cms


Kim Anh-Nguyen                                                            Margaret Sheridan
"Nocturne"                                                                     "Forest Guardian"
Porcelain                                                                       Australian Red Cedar
39 x 32 x 32cms                                                             95 x 84 x 75cms


Kim Elliott                                       Kim Elliott
"Jahmila"  Ghana Series                   "Benedicta"  Ghana series
Bronze                                            Bronze
40 x 29 x 30cms                              55 x 29 x 30cms



Larissa Smagarinsky                              Larissa Smagarinsky
"Golden Arches"                                     "Salsa"

Bronze                                                   Acrylic Resin
35 x 15 x 15cms                                     107 x 34 x 36cms


Mark Aylward                                        Maurice Schlesinger
"Archeology Of Life"                              "Stacked"

Timber, steel                                         Powdercoated Steel

178 x 90 x 45cms                                  200 x 46 x 46cms


Michael Vaynman           Michael Vaynman
"Modern Venus"             "Flight"
Resin                            Bronze
120 x 28 x 20cms           120 x 25 x 25cms


Sally Zylberberg                                               Sally Zylberberg
"Shall We Dance?"  back view                           "Shall We Dance?"  

Smalti and Glass                                              Smalti and Glass
58 x 48 x 50cms                                               58 x 48 x 50cms     




Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski                                                Christophe Conder
"Intersecting Envelop"                                                       The Eye Of The Wave"

Stainless Steel                                                                 Sandstone
40 x 40 x 40cms                                                               80 x 69 x 35cms


Graham Radcliffe                                         Graham Radcliffe
"Music of the Night"                                     "Priestess of Atlantis"
Belgian Black Marble/Stainless Steel            Bronze - edition 3/20
80 x 30 x 14cms                                          10 x 47 x 27cms


Jian-wen Zhou                                             John Brooke
"Complexity"                                               "First Surf of Summer"

Stainless Steel                                            Powdercoated Stainless Steel
54 x 30 x 30cms                                          57 x 125 x 42cms


Larissa Smagarinsy                        Lee Blattmann
"Tower of Sorcery"                          "Curve Interplay"

Bronze                                           Stainless Steel
115 x 30 x 30cms                            218 x 45 x 30cms


Margaret Sheridan                               Margaret Sheridan
"Forever Together"                               "White Light Folded"

Bronze                                               Carrara Marble
140 x 33 x 20cms                               105 x 30 x 30cms




Willem van Stom                                               Willem van Stom
"Chook"                                                            "Horse"

Recycled Metal                                                 Recycled Metal
45 x 20 x 35cms                                                60 x 30 x 15cms


Vivienne Lowe                                  Vivienne Lowe
"Mam'selle V"                                  "Lorikeets 1 and 2"
Stainless Steel/Mesh                       Wire and wood
130 x 80 x 80cms 


Shazia Imran                                                 Sally Zylberberg
"Karam-un-Nisa"                                            "Life's Journey"

Bronze                                                           Smalti and Mirror Tiles
30 x 18 x 16cms                                             85 x 59 x 43cms  


Robyn Rumpf                                              Philippa Graham
"Torso ll"                                                     "Up Against It"

Vesticulated Limestone                                Timber (Jarrah)

90 x 50 x 40cms                                          32 x 14 x 20cms



Patricia Anderson                                                            Patricia Anderson
"Turning Point"                                                                "Convoluted"  
Porcelain Clay                                                                 Porcelain Clay
21 x 23 x 18cms                                                              16 x 33 x 25cms 



Michael Vaynman                           Mark Aylward
"Entwined"                                     "Listen"

Acrylic Resin                                  Timber/Copper/Brass/Steel
110 x 25 x 19cms                            210 x 70 x 60cms


Larissa Smagarinsky                      Kim-Anh Nguyen
"Heads in Clouds"                          "Spinifex"

Bronze/Marble                               Porcelain Paperclay
62 x 30 x 12cms                            24 x 27 x 28cms


John Brooke                                         Jenny Green
"Yellow Bird Nesting"                            "Aphrodite"

Welded Steel                                       Resin
77 x 53 x 29cms                                  83 x 15 x 14cms


Jacek Wankowski                                                         Ian Scott
"Pauanui"                                                                     "Dogs"

Weathered corten & galvanised steel                               Bronze
180 x 200 x 100cms                                                      15 x 30 x 20cms


Helen Alajajian                                                                       Graham Radcliffe
"Puella"                                                                                 "Manu"

Bronze                                                                                   Bronze

34 x 60 x 17cms                                                                     84 x 15 x 15cms


Eva Kellerman                                                 Christophe Conder
"Ellipses"                                                        "The Teardrops Of Humanity"
Alabaster                                                        Sandstone
26 x 15 x 8cms                                               65 x 43 x 17cms


Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski                                             Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski

"Talk To Me"                                                                 "Moulin Rouge"

Bronze                                                                         Bronze

170 x 120 x 60cms                                                        175 x 30 x 30cms


Amanda Harrison                                                         Alex Sandor Kolozsy
"Reflections"                                                                "Firebird"

Ceramic/Wood                                                             Bronze

54 x 54 x 28cms                                                          53 x 50 x 24cms


Feyona van Stom                                      Feyona van Stom

"Lotus"                                                     "Tuscany"

Bronze                                                     Raku fired clay

47 x 35 x 24cms                                       47 x 35 x 25cms



Helen Leete
"Golden Tantra"


50 x 40 x 20cms