Darling Park Exhibition Gallery 2014

201 Sussex Street, Cnr Market Street, Sydney (Up from Cockle Bay Wharf)

4 - 29 August 2014





  WINNER: Franco Belgiorno-Nettis Transfield Holdings Prize         WINNER: Crawfords Casting Prize
  Peter Lewis   "Graffiti Moonstrike"                                              Elly Buckley   "Continuum - Unique"
  Stainless Steel  ed. 1/5 (set of 3)                                               Mild Steel


    WINNER: Australian Bronze Prize                              WINNER: Roger Fenton Prize
    Feyona van Stom  "Red Lady"                                    Sally Zylberberg  "Royal night in"
    Bronze ed.1/8                                                           Smalti & Glass
    47 x 30 x 20cm                                                         Photography by Michel Brouet
                                                                                   60 x 40 x 42cm                                                            



     The Sculptors Society FIGURATIVE Prize                            The Sculptors Society ABSTRACT Prize
     Ian Scott   "The Vision"                                                       Michael Vaynman   "Atlantis"
     Bronze                                                                               Resin
     40 x 90 x 60cm                                                                   45 x 48 x 14cm


    THE PRESIDENTS PRIZE WINNER:                                     HIGHLY COMMENDED:
    Robin Rumpf   "Storm Clouds"                                              Vera Robinson    "Bush Phoenix"
    Black Marble/White Marble                                                   Bronze
    50 x 20 x 10cm                                                                    48 x 50 x 16cm



     HIGHLY COMMENDED:                           HIGHLY COMMENDED:
     Amanda Harrison                                     Peter Lewis
     "High Spirit!"                                            "On Alert"
     Bronze                                                    Stainless Steel
     26 x 16 x 10cm                                        18 x 29 x 15cm


    HIGHLY COMMENDED:                             HIGHLY COMMENDED:
    Efat Yahyaoglu                                          Pat Anderson
    "Head of A Girl"                                         "Spiral Swan"
    Bronze - 45 x 20 x 20cm                            Porcelain  -  26 x 33 x 29cm


     Vrej Matossian                                 Keith Chidzey
     "Inner Beauty"                                  "The Continued Death of Painting"
     Chromed Aluminium Steel                 Modified Found Objects

     68 x 70 x 28cm                                40 x 40 x 35cm


    HIGHLY COMMENDED                                                      HIGHLY COMMENDED

    Jenny Green    "Urban Passion"                                          Robin Rumpf    "Coral Form"

    Painted Steel    -  44 x 65 x 44cm                                       Marble   -  30 x 20 x 25cm   


     Kay Alliband                          Pat Anderson
     "Miniscule Man"                     "Genesis"

      Ceramic                               Porcelain
      79 x 15 x 15cm                    14 x 38 x 23cm    


    June Bennett                                                                    June Bennett
    "Wings"                                                                           "Elegance"

     Granite  -   24 x 45 x 22cm                                               Marble/Granite  -  76 x 18 x 14cm


   John Brooke                                                       John Brooke
   "Flying With Icarus"                                            "How To Train Your Dragon"

    Recycled Steel/Timber                                       Recycled Steel
    65 x 82 x 22cm                                                 70 x 68 x 30cm


    Joan Brown                                                   Irene Carroll
    "Year of the Horse"                                        "Amazon"

     Bronze                                                        Mosaic Glass & Ceramic Tiles
     12 x 12 x 12cm                                            Lifesize


    Meike Davis                                              Meike Davis
    "Churchill's Favourite"                                "Domestic Violence"
    Clay, Oxides, Underglaze                           Clay, Oxides, Underglaze

    38 x 29 x 18cm                                         10 x 22 x 27cm 


   Pamela DrewittSmith                                                       Philippa Graham
   "Reclining Woman"                                                          "Toe In The Water"

    Ceramic with Bronze Patina                                             Bronze on Basalt   ed. 1/5
    18 x 42 x 25cm                                                               20 x 30 x 30cm


    Philippa Graham                                                                    Jenny Green
    "Conversation"                                                                       "Together"

    Bronze  ed1/5                                                                        Bronze A/P

    17 x 40 x 15cm                                                                      36 x 16 x 12cm


     Amanada Harrison                                  Argo Ho
     "Joie de Vivre"                                        "Sandcastle"

     Stainless Steel                                       Bronze
     40 x 12 x 15cm                                      25 x 26 x 14cm


    Jolanta Janavicius                                            Lola Kaplan
    "Raku Torso"                                                   "Girl And Her Cat"

    Ceramic                                                          Fabric/Paint/Wood
    40 x 12 x 24cm                                                43 x 48 x 41cm


   Alan Kuczynski                                                                   Lola Kaplan
   "The Acrobats"                                                                    "Cat Walk"

   Bronze                                                                                Fabric/Paint/Wood
   36 x 60 x 13cm                                                                    55 x 52 x 25cm


    Alan Kuczynski                            Maurice Schlesinger
    "The Dancer"                                "Transformations"

     Bronze  -  33 x 7 x 7cm                Steel Powdercoated  -  40 x 55 x 20cm


    Ian Scott                                                                             Jan Shaw

    "Panic"                                                                                "Serendipity"

    Bronze -  25 x 70 x 20cm                                                      Marble  -  30 x 20 x 25cm


     Larissa Smagarinsky                                 Larissa Smagarinsky
     "Goldern Arches"                                       "Happy Family"

     Bronze    -  37 x 15 x 14cm                        Bronze  -  27 x 12 x 12cm  


   David Solomon                                                     Doris Stewart
   "High Life Ab. Fab"                                               "Summer Night"

   Ceramic                                                               Bronze w.patination -  ed. 1
   40 x 32 x 38cm                                                     7.5 x 29 x 12.5cm 


     Feyona van Stom                                    Willem van Stom
     "Crescendo"                                           "Tractor"

     Black fired Ceramic                                 Recycled Metal
     57 x 34 x 24cm                                       55 x 65 x 35cm 


     Willem van Stom                                                                 Margaret Westcott
     "Swamp Turtle"                                                                   "Samuraii 1"
     Recycled Steel                                                                   Clay, woodfired
     10 x 37 x 47cm                                                                   34 x 23 x 14cm    


     Gunnel Watkins
     "State of Becoming"

     Mixed Media
     100 x 25 x 25cm