Incinerator Gallery 2014

 April 23 - May 11, 2014.


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Alan Somerville                                                                 Angela Morrell
"Brumby Run"                                                                   "Control" detail

Bronze                                                                             Bronze, stainless steel, granite


Angela Morrell                                        Angela Morrell
"Kelly's Tears"                                        "Eye-Eye-Eye"

Bronze, Carerra marble                            Found objects


Angela Morrell                                         Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeska
"Solaris"                                                 "The Forbidden Hero"

Bronze, acrylic, steel                               Steel, solar panel, iPad


Carolyn Rendle                                                                 Carolyn Rendle

"Arden Dairy"                                                                    "Sisters"

Reinforced antique doilies                                                  Timber, recycled copper, sandstone


Cathie Alexander                                              David Solomon
"Whale's Eye ll"                                               "Anchor"

S/Steel (marine), recycled W/R Cedar                Ceramic


David Solomon                                              Dennis Kalous

"Cocktail"                                                     "Love"

Raku-fired clay                                              Painted Steel



Feisal Ramadan                                            Feyona van Stom
"Natasha"                                                     "Great Minds"

Bronze                                                          Ceramic


Feyona van Stom                                       Feyona van Stom

"Torso"                                                      "The Writing On The Fence"

Ceramic                                                    Ribbon, string (green)


Helen Leete                                                              Ian Scott
"Two Woment in Love"                                               "Large Centrelink Queue"

Ceramic                                                                   Bronze


Irene Carroll                                        Irene Carroll
"Tree of Life"                                       "Amazon"

Horse shoes, metal stand                    Ceramic, glass mosaic tiles


Jacek Wankowski                                                Jacek Wankowski
"Alcheringa Girl"                                                  "Do we also dream of electric sheep?"

Bronze                                                                Bronze 



Jacek Wankowski                                                              Jan Howard Shaw
"Skerry"                                                                            "Frolic"

Corten Steel, galvanised Steel                                             Cement


Jenny Green                                                                   Jenny Green
"Olympia"                                                                       "Nymph 1 & 2"

Resin (bronze patina)                                                       Steel, painted



John Brooke                                             Lee Blattmann

"Spring Unfurling"                                      "After The Harvest"
Steel, timber                                             Steel recycled, stone


 Larissa Smagarinsky                                     Larissa Smagarinsky
 "Movement"                                                  "Achievement"

 Acrylic resin, Aluminium                                Acrylic resin, Aluminium


Lola Kaplan                                                   Lola Kaplan
"Pyramid"                                                      "Romance"
Cotton, paint, timber                                       Cotton, paint, timber


Lola Kaplan                                                                          Margaret Sheridan

"Two Cats and a Mouse"                                                       "Copper 2"

Cotton, paint, timber                                                             Bronze


Margaret Westcott                                                            Margaret Westcott
"Aquila Vulgaris Vine"                                                       "Seed People"
Ceramic pieces, wire, fine rope                                           Ceramic


Margaret Westcott                                              Maryann Nicholls
"The Bird Collection"                                           "Mare and Foal"

Ceramics, steel rods                                           Bronze


Maryann Nicholls                                                                Maryann Nicholls
"Red Mare and Foal"                                                           "Queue in George Street"

Fibreglass                                                                          Mixed-glass, sand, camera lens


Maurice Schlesinger                                                           Meike Davis
"Transition"                                                                        "Conversations"

Steel, wood                                                                        Oxidised, fired clay



Meike Davis                                                                        Patricia Anderson
"Heroes and Warriors"                                                         "Industrial Age"

Ceramics                                                                            Porcelain


Patricia Anderson                                                            Peter Lewis
"Leda's Swan"                                                                 "Asleep" Series 3
Porcelain                                                                        Bronze



Peter Lewis                                                                       Petra Svoboda
"Graffiti - Sundance"                                                           "Commodification of Imagination"

Bronze                                                                              Ceramic, metallic glass



Philippa Graham                                                                 Philippa Graham
"The Kiss"                                                                          "The Two of Us"

Bronze, Basalt                                                                   Bronze, Basalt


Rona Sissons                                        Sally Aplin
"On Yer Bike, Clover!"                             "The Umbrella Tree"

Ceramic, Wood, Wire                             Handkerchiefs, polycarbonate pipe


Sally Aplin                                                                         "Urban Twitter",Joan Hurlstone, Vivienne Lowe, Jan Ferguson

"Hot Mitts"                                                                          Kathy Rosenmeyer, Jan Howard Shaw, Roz Stampfli,
Enamel on copper, bluestone                                                Chicken Wire, Steel


"Urban Twitter" more details                                                 Vivienne Lowe

                                                                                         "Xylem ll"
                                                                                         Steel, copper, granite


Vrej Matossian                                       Willem van Stom
"Oceania"                                              "Baobob Tree"
Steel, copper, granite                              Horseshoes, recycled steel


Willem van Stom                                              Kathy Rosenmeyer, Roz Stampfli
"Sea Captain"                                                  and Jan Howard Shaw

Recycled steel, truck & tractor parts                  "Whirlybird"

                                                                       Recycled steel, exhaust extractor