Darling Park Exhibition Gallery 2013

201 Sussex Street, Sydney. 

DATES:  29th July - 1st September, 2013




    Will Maguire                                                                    Willem van Stom
    "Flame Screens"                                                              "Biribie"
    Hot Forged Steel                                                              Recycled Horse Shoes/Steel



    Wendy Black                                                       Vrej Matossian
    "Rufus"                                                               "Voronoi Carbon Confinement"
    Birdwire/Skateboard                                             Powdercoated mild steel/Steel


    Vivienne Lowe                                                   Sue Alexopoulos
    "Anthology"                                                      "Meditation"
     Paper/Fabric/Steel                                            Bronze


    Sally Zylberberg                                                                    Sallie Portnoy
    "Who, Me?"                                                                          "Venus"
    Mosaic tiles                                                                          Cast Glass/Stainless Steel



                                                                           WINNER: President's Award

     Roz Stampfli                                                    Robin Rumpf
     "Leonardo"                                                       "Edna"
     Concrete                                                          Marble (Anguston Gold)


    Robert Fry                                                     Raimonds Rumba
    "Termite-ator"                                                 "Not Of This World"
     Timber/Brass                                                 Terracotta


    Pin Hsun Hsiang                                           Philippa Graham
    "Mask"                                                         "Engaged"
    Stainless Steel/Wood                                    Bronze


WINNER: Franco Belgiono-Nettis Transfield Holdings Prize   WINNER: The Sculptors Society Abstract Award
  Paul Trefry                                                                       Maurice Schlesinger
  "Gladis Always Knew Arthur Was Late"                              "Origami ll"
  Silicone/Mixed Media                                                        Welded Steel


     Maryann Nicholls                                                       Mark Aylward
     "Individuals"                                                               "Archaeology of Life"
     Mixed Media                                                              Timber


    Lola Kaplan                                                               Lee Blattmann
    "Circus Strongman"                                                    "Oh Spike!"

    Fabric/Acrylic                                                            Stainless Steel/Acrylic


    WINNER: Roger Fenton Prize                        WINNER: Australian Bronze Prize
    Larissa Smagarinsky                                     Kerry Cannon
    "Head In Clouds"                                           "Fortune" detail
     Bronze/Marble                                              Bronze/Paint


    Kate Ilbery                                                                         June Bennett
    "Tenderness"                                                                      "Sails"
    Ceramic                                                                             Powdercoated Mild Steel/Wood


    Jules Jones                                                                      John Brooke
    "Waterhorse ll"                                                                 "Samothrace"
    Copperplate over sisal on Polished Soapstone                     Recycled Steel


    Jenny Green                                                Janet Coyne
    "The Dance"                                                "Transformation"
     Painted Steel                                              Reconstituted Glass


     Irene Carroll                                            Helen Leete
     "Wipeout"                                               "Clio The Mythical Steed"

     Mosaic tile/Surfboard                               Masterworks/Bronze Patina


    Helen Alajajian                                                                 Gunnel Watkins

    "Rest"                                                                             Raw Series : "The Escarpment"

     Bronze                                                                           Black Fired Ceramic


    Geoffrey Pollard                                                                 Garner
    "Fish. Bird. Turn"                                                               "Dunbar Lost"

    Serpentine                                                                        Mixed Media


                                                                           WINNER: Highly Commended Certificate    
    Feyona van Stom                                              Ella Krug                      
    "Tuscany"                                                        "Living It Up"                 
    Ceramic - Raku fired                                          Recycled Media           


    Deborah Sart                                                     David Solomon
    "The Moving Finger"                                           "Cocktail"

    Greenstone/Sandstone base                              Clay - Raku fired


    WINNER: Highly Commended Certificate
    Christine Simpson                                            Cathie Alexander
    "Young Australian"                                            "Whales Eye III"

    Electroplated Bronze/Wax Copper Steel             Stainless Steel/Western Red Cedar


    Carolyn Rendle                                          Carmel Mollison
    "Silver Gulls"                                             "Flightie"

    Felt, Liquid Chrome/Timber                         Manipulated Hot Glass/Rock


    Blaze Krstanoski Blazeski                                       Argo Ho
    "Legend of the Wave"                                              "Living Fossil"

    Bronze                                                                   Bronze


    WINNER: Transfield Holdings Found Objects Prize             WINNER: Barnes Products Prize
    Angela Morrell                                                                  Amanda Harrison
    "Conversation"                                                                 "Be What You Want To Be"

    Mixed Media                                                                    Bronze


    Fronsnova  -  Judy Coverdale                                    Tom Mourad
    "Moon and Sun IV"                                                  "The Dream"
    Bronze/Stainless Steel/Glass/Granite                        Wood


 WINNER: The Sculptors Society Figurative Award      WINNER: Highly Commended Certificate

 Feisal Ramadan                                                       Efat Yahyaoglu
 "Squashed"                                                              "Pensive"
 Epoxy / Papier Mache                                               Bronze