Governors Phillip & Macquarie Towers 2013

Exhibition Dates:  Monday 6th May - Friday 31st May.



      June Bennett                                                   June Bennett
      Jacaranda                                                       Pod
      Powder coated Aluminium, Bronze                    Marble on Granite


         Lee Blattmann                                            Lee Blattmann
         Life Prevails                                                After The Harvest
         Recycled Steel                                           Recycled Steel & Stone                                        



       Irene Carroll                                               Meike Davis
       Rock Around The Clock                              Leda and the Swan
       Mosaic Tiles/Guitar/Clock                           Black Clay/Oxides



        Pamela Drewitt Smith                               Philippa Graham
        (The Temptation of) Eve                             The Tangential Thinker
        Fired Ceramic/Bronze Patina                     Bronze on Granite Base.  Ed 2/5

          Lola Kaplan                                                               Lola Kaplan
          Geir The Vicious                                                        Max on the Motorbike

          Fabric/Acrylic                                                           Fabric/Acrylic


       Alan Kuczynski                                             Tony Lennon
       Am I Invisible                                                 Rendition
       Bronze version image to come later                 Hebel/Gauze/Wax/String/Leather


     Carolyn Rendle                                           Robin Rumpf
     The D'Oyly Carte Violin                               Rainforest Pools
     Lace, Wood                                               Grey Marble



     Robin Rumpf                                                 Robyn Sharp
     The Crowning                                                Bird
     Basalt - Bega                                                Red Cedar/ other Woods


     Larissa Smagarinsky                                                      Larissa Smagarinsky
     Triangles                                                                       Wild Dancer
     Bronze                                                                          Bronze/Marble


     David Solomon                                              David Solomon
     Modern Drum                                                Party Totem
     Raku - Ceramic                                             Clay


      Doris Stewart                                                                Feyona van Stom
      What If                                                                         A Head Of The Game
      Bronze                                                                         Black Clay/Oxides


     Feyona van Stom                                     Willem van Stom
     Autumn                                                   Racing Tractor
     Unique Ceramic/Underglaze colours           Recycled Car Parts & Metal


     Willem van Stom                                                              Efat Yahyaoglu
     Turtle - Biribie                                                                   Profile
     Recycled Car Parts & Metal                                               Bronze


     Efat Yahyaoglu                                                                               Sally Zylberberg
     Didgeridoo Player                                                              I Spy With My Little Eye - Grass Tree
     Bronze                                                                             Smalti/Stainless Steel/Wire/Glass Beads


      Sally Zylberberg
      Kiss and Tell - Grass Tree
      Smalti/Stainless Steel/Wire/Glass Beads