Darling Park Exhibition Gallery 2012

Sculpture Darling Park - 201 Sussex Street, Sydney

30 July - 1 September 2012


Review by Sally Zylberberg and Jolanta Janavicius
Comment from Judges: Guido & Michelle Belgiorno-Nettis

Opening Address by John Green: 


       Helen Alajajian                                                 Helen Alajajian                                 
       Sphinx                                                             Dog
       Plaster, Galvanized Iron                                     Bronze


      Cathie Alexander                                            Kay Alliband
      Whale's Eye One                                           Tsunami - Japan 2011
      Marine Grade Stainless Steel Rods                  Assorted Mixed Media



         Kay Alliband                                                    Kay Alliband
         Mission Impossible                                          Where's My Glasses
         Clay, Glue and Grout                                        Recycled Glasses, Prints, Brass Rods



       Fred Alwahan                                                                       Fred Alwahan
       Attared                                                                                Supermoon
       Marble (chlorite)                                                                   Marble (chlorite)


       Fred Alwahan                                              Pat Anderson
       Treble Clef                                                   Girl Resting Head on Arms
       Marble (Carrara)                                           Porcelain


      Pat Anderson                                                 Pat Anderson
      New LIfe                                                         Iron Maiden
      Porcelain                                                        Raku Clay


      May Barrie                                                                             June Bennett
      ALA (wing)                                                                             Elegance
      Marble                                                                                   Marble/Granite


         June Bennett                                         June Bennett
         Mother of All                                          Standing Tall
         Red Gum/Petrified Wood                        White Cedar/Travertine


       Wendy Black                                                  Lee Blattmann
       Margaret Olley                                                Curve Interplay 2
       Plaster  ed.1/6                                                Recycled Stainless Steel, Acrylic


        Lee Blattmann                                              Lee Blattmann
        After The Harvest                                          Curve Interplay 1
        Recycled Steel and Stone                             Recycled Stainless Steel, Glass


     Liz Borghero                                                                     Liz Borghero
     Autumn                                                                            Banksia
     Porcelain/Driftwood                                                            Stoneware


     Liz Borghero                                                                      Dallas Bromley
     Summer                                                                            Reflection Pool
     Porcelain/Driftwood                                                             Perspex and Mixed Media


      John Brooke                                                                       John Brooke
       Chasing The Wind                                                              Sea Change
       Welded Steel                                                                     Welded Steel


      Anthony Brunskill                                                              Anthony Brunskill
      Family Tree                                                                       Musical Mechanics
      Timber/Cedar                                                                     Recycled Mixed Material


       Anthony Brunskill                                       Michelle Bull                                 Michelle Bull
       Touchstone                                                Dance of the Birds                         Moon Faces
       Serpentine/Granite                                     Bronze A/P                                    Bronze A/P


      Michelle Bull                                     Nina Burridge                              Irene Carroll
      Torso                                                Skin                                           Rockon Too
       Bronze A/P                                      Limestone, Acrylic Resin             Mosaic Tiles and Metal Stand
                                                              Life Cast


               Lee Clark                                                Patsy Clayton-Fry
               Daydreaming                                           Goosy Gander
               Aluminium and Bronze                             Cement 1/2 


     Cheryl Cogle                                                                    Christophe Conder
     Sleeping Beauties                                                             Eye of the Wave
     Acrylic Resin                                                                    Sandstone


      Christophe Conder                                                             Janet Coyne
      Soft Landing                                                                      Blue Venus
      Sandstone                                                                         Acrylic / Metal Coating


           Janet Coyne                                                         Beth Crawford
           Katrina                                                                 Breast Plate
           Acrylic / Metal Coating                                           Ceramic


           Beth Crawford                                           Beth Crawford
           'Nymph' Water Creature                             Spirit and Place
            Recycled Materials/Found Objects             Ceramic and Wood  


      Mason Cunliffe                                                                    Kim Elliott
      Soccer Ball                                                                         Wood Nymph - Collection 1
      Steel                                                                                  Bronze verdigris & Found Object

      Kim Elliott                                                                 Roy Flior
      Wood Nymph - Collection 4                                        King and Queen
      Bronze and Found Objects                                         Kauri Wood/Acrylic paint


          Roy Flior                                       Roy Flior
          Mother and Child                            Reclining Figure
          Kauri Wood/Acrylic paint                Kauri Wood/Acrylic paint


           Babette Forster-Gomme                          Babette Forster-Gomme
           Lass                                                      Queen Boadacea
           Cement Fondu                                        Found Objects


           Fronsnova                                                           Fronsnova
           Moon and Sun (III)                                               Moonlit Tree - cornered in the city
           Glass, Stainless Steel & Granite                          Recycled Steel, Wood, Granite


       Robert Fry                                                                         Robert Fry
       Father's Day                                                                      Generation Gap
       Timber, Cold Cast Metal                                                     Timber, (red mallee)


       Robert Fry                                                                               Arthur Gerozisis
       Manta Ray                                                                               Form and Function
       Timber                                                                                     Bronze, White Beech



   Philippa Graham                                                              Jenny Green                        Jenny Green
   Improbable Balance                                                         Aphrodite                             Conversations
   Bronze                                                                            Bronze                                Stainless Steel



      Jenny Green                                                                      John Harrington
       Pushpower                                                                        Pony Love
       Mixed media                                                                     Ceramic (glazed)


         Amanda Harrison                                         Amanda Harrison
         Ashes & Embers                                         Life Lines
         Pitfired Ceramic                                           Stoneware Ceramics


      Amanda Harrison                                                                 Valerie Harrold
      On The Turning Tide                                                             Village Gossip
      Bronze & Marble 1/1                                                             Bronze


      Argo Ho                                                                              Argo Ho
      Stretch                                                                               Turn Left, Walk Right
      Bronze                                                                                Bronze


            Argo Ho                                                         Robin Holliday
            Twist                                                             African Masks (kinetic)
            Bronze                                                          Bronze


     Jan Howard Shaw                                                                    Jan Howard Shaw
     Afloat on a Sinking Ship                                                           Entwined in Nature
     Copper, Granite                                                                       Resin, Copper, Steel


             Pin Hsun Hsiang                               Pin Hsun Hsiang
             Dry Fish                                           Fish
             Black Bar                                         Glass and Stone


         Odette Ireland                                                                        Jolanta Janavicius
         Juno                                                                                      Lady Boadicea
         Jura Limestone                                                                       Ceramic


      Jolanta Janavicius                             Jolanta Janavicius                  Torben Jensen
      Stargazer                                         Sunlover                                Mother and Child
      Ceramic                                           Bronze                                  Camphor Laurel

       Torben Jensen                           Piers Jones                                   Piers Jones
       'Night Watch' Owl                      The Island                                     The Woman in the Moon
       Camphor Laurel                         Australian Hardwood                      Wood/Camphor Laurel


       Piers Jones                                                              Sandra Jones
       Waiting For The Rain                                                 All Relative
       Wood/Yellow Box                                                      Stoneware Ceramic


         Sandra Jones                                                Sandra Jones
         Raena                                                           Spin A Yarn
         Glazed Ceramic                                             Timber, Metal, Plastic, Varnish


        Dennis Kalous                                                  Dennis Kalous
        Mother                                                             Contemporarius
        Marble Terrare                                                  Wood, Paint


              Dennis Kalous                                                 Eva Kellerman
              The Wave                                                        Ready to Dance
              Wilga Bronze, Mixed Media                              Bronze


            Alex Sandor Kolozsy                              Alex Sandor Kolozsy
            Afternoon Delight                                    Spirit of the Dance
            Cool Cast Bronze                                   Cool Cast Bronze


           Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski                      Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski
           Alphabet                                                Intersecting Envelop
           Bronze                                                   Stainless Steel


       Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski                   Ella Krug
       Waterfall                                            Bugger The Diet
       Bronze                                               Mixed Media


       Ella Krug                                                                               Alan Kuczynski
       Galaxy                                                                                  Off To Work
       Pilbara Jade and Marble                                                         Bronze


         Alan Kuczynski                              Helen Leete
         Shy Guy                                        Leap
         Bronze                                           Bronze


      Helen Leete                                                                      Helen Leete
      Mentor & Muse                                                                 Reclining Form with Voids
      Stoneware                                                                        Bronzed Stoneware 


    Peter Lewis                           Peter Longworth                                        Peter Longworth
    Torso                                    Aboriginal Shield (garden hose holder)         Clear Case (with retracting handle)
    Aluminium & Granite              Recycled Hoop Pine                                  Acrylic and R.E. magnets


      Bernice Lowe                                                Vivienne Lowe
      Ema                                                             Etude
      Bronze  Ed 3/9                                              Bronze/Granite base  Ed 1/13


           Will Maguire                                                      Will Maguire
           Flower Gate                                                       Fluid Trees (2 pieces on 1 plinth)

           Forged Steel  & Timber                                       Steel and Stone


          Will Maguire                                                                       Bruce Manuel
          There's Life Yet                                                                   Optical Delusion
          Forged Steel & Stone                                                          Acrylic/Metal


           Bruce Manuel                                                     Laura Mathias
           Quadruplicator                                                    Shroud
           Acrylic/Wood/Fibreglass                                      Carved Limestone

     Vrej Matossian                   Vrej Matossian                                            Vrej Matossian
     Artistic Edge                      Oceania                                                      Retiarius
     Mild Steel                           Mild Steel                                                   Stainless Steel


      Philippe Moreau                                                                        Philippe Moreau
      Le Recomfort                                                                            Overfed
      Ceramic                                                                                   Ceramic

   Philippe Moreau                        Tony Nesbitt                                        Maryann Nicholls
   The Wanderer                           Biography                                            Baby on Board
   Ceramic                                   Timber - Camphor Laurel                       Bronze


    Maryann Nicholls                                                               Maryann Nicholls
    Repose                                                                             Rowers
    Bronze                                                                              Bronze 


          Victoria Norman                                                    Micha Nussinov
          Curtain Call                                                          Cruising
          Acrylic Resin                                                        Mixed Media


    Micha Nussinov                                       Micha Nussinov                          Sallie Portnoy
    Oriental Melody                                       Traffic Controller                          Siena
    Mixed Media                                            Mixed Media                              Cast Glass (steel base) 


        Sallie Portnoy                                                                       Sallie Portnoy
        Lying About                                                                          Mariner's Journey 1
        Cast Glass (steel base)                                                         Cast Bronze, Cast Glass


   Maree Prior                                                     Maree Prior                                     Anna Pye
   Native Dancer   Ed 1/3                                     Spanish Dancer                               Cycladic Head
   Copper Plated Acrylic Resin & Sandstone         Bronze Ed 1/3                                  Stone


    Anna Pye                                                                          Feisal Ramadan
    String Theory - we are all connected                                    Social Networks
    Metal and String                                                                 Found Objects


    Feisal Ramadan                                                                     Carolyn Rendle
    World Wide Web                                                                    Heirloom Bottles
    Found Objects                                                                        Reinforced Antique Lace Doilies, Hand Dyed


         Carolyn Rendle                                         Vera Robinson
         Heirloom Jug                                            Awakening
         Antique Lace Doilies, Nickle Plated            Bronze


         Vera Robinson                                                                    Vera Robinson
         Skin Deep                                                                          2 Faces In One
         Bronze                                                                               Bronze 


       Raimonds Rumba                                                 Robin Rumpf
       Untitled                                                                Basalt Curtains
       Terracotta (bronze available)                                   Basalt


        Robin Rumpf                                                       Robin Rumpf
        Brogo Man                                                          Marble Crossing
        Basalt                                                                Belgian Black Marble 


       Maurice Schlesinger                                                            Maurice Schlesinger
       Funtime                                                                              Rhumba
      Multicolour Plastics                                                              Yellow and Red Plastics 


           Maurice Schlesinger                                 Ian Scott
           Sea 'n' Sky                                              Four Temperaments
           Two BluePlastics                                      Bronze in Wooden Box


       Ian Scott                                                                 Ian Scott
       The Hole in the Ground                                             The Vision III
       Bronze, Wood Base                                               Bronze 


       Ljubov Seidl                                                          Ljubov Seidl
       Maze of the World                                                 Power of Water
       Crystal, Enamels, Granite Base                             Aluminium, Granite, Email 


          Ljubov Seidl                                                      Jan Shaw
          Summer Garden Story                                       Guardian
          Crystal, Glass, Enamels, Metal Stand                 Sandstone



           Jan Shaw                                                                                 Jan Shaw

           Nebula                                                                                     You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore
           Wood, Stone                                                                             Steel


    Larissa Smagarinsky                     Larissa Smagarinsky                              Larissa Smagarinsky
    Dancing Movement No 2                Dancing Movement No 4                         Tower of Sorcery
    Bronze  Ed 1/10                            Bronze A/P                                            Bronze 


     David Solomon                                                                   David Solomon
     Reaching Out For.....                                                          African Ceramic - glass bowl
     Ceramic                                                                             Ceramic / Glass


       David Solomon                     Roz Stampfli                                Doris Stewart
       Sentinel                               Acrobat                                       Interlude
       Ceramic/Wood                     Wire                                            Bronze  Ed 1/1


     Feyona van Stom                                              Willem van Stom
     Black Queen                                                     Creep - Snake
     Blackfired Ceramic - Unique                                Recycled Horse Shoes/Steel 


      Feyona van Stom                                           Feyona van Stom
      Springtime                                                     The Black Swan
       Raku Fired Ceramic - Unique                          Blackfired Ceramic - Unique


     Willem van Stom                                              Willem van Stom
     Prancing Horse                                                TRACTOR  50 H.P.
     Recycled Car Parts/Steel Base                         Recycled Car Parts/Steel   



          Michael Vaynman                    John Woulfe
          Spring Dawning                       Traditional Cutter with Waves
          Bronze  A/P                            Stainless Steel/Australian Red Cedar


      Efat Yahyaoglu                                                                      Efat Yahyaoglu
      Didgeridoo Player                                                                  Tilted Mask
      Bronze                                                                                  Bronze 


           Sally Zylberberg
           Woman on Cloud 9
           Mexican Smalti On Stainless Steel Stand