Darling Park Exhibition Gallery 2011

1st August - 3rd September 2011

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               ADDIS                                                                HELEN ALAJAJIAN
               "Enrapture"                                                        "Slender One"
               Bronze  Edition 18/25                                      Bronze  Edition 3/3
               H64 W38 D36                                                   H40 W41 D15




       CATHIE ALEXANDER                                                                           FRED ALWAHAN
       "Lady Grand"                                                                                          "Portions of Light"
       Recycled Teak, mixed media.  Edition 1/3                                       Granite
       H155 W60 D60                                                                                      H70 W15 D30



        PAT ANDERSON                                                                         MAY BARRIE
        "Random Thoughts"                                                                   "Escarpment ll"
        Porcelain                                                                                       Epidote
        H23 W31 D20                                                                               H14 W42 D20


              JUNE BENNETT                                                     NEWTON BISHOP
              "Wild Totem"                                                            "The Continuous Swirl"
              Glass Mosaic                                                          Sandstone
              H70 W31 D31                                                          H60 W30 D20



              WENDY BLACK                                                                                      LEE BLATTMANN
              "Our Dragon"                                                                                           "Life Prevails"
              Birdwire                                                                                                    Scrap steel
              H25 W25 D75                                                                                          H80 W35 D30



       LIZ BORGHERO                                                                             DALLAS BROMLEY
       "Integrifolia"                                                                                      "Waves on the Shore"
        Ceramic                                                                                           Quartz, Marble, Acrylic
        H27 W48 D25                                                                                 H37 W48 D25



        JOHN BROOKE                                                                                         JOAN BROWN
        "South Sea Breeze"                                                                                   "The Eteranal Chase"
        Recycled Scrap Steel                                                                                Carved Wood, Sandstone
        H49 W36 D133                                                                                           H57 W70 D36


       ANTHONY BRUNSKILL                                      NINA BURRIDGE
       "Lara Reveals All"                                                "Ricardo: Torso 1"
        Acrylic Resin                                                        Acrylic Resin, electroplating
        H43 W20 D16                                                      H49 W43 D8


          KERRY CANNON                                                                         IRENE CARROLL
          "Haystack Alpinas"                                                                       "Silky"
          Bronze                                                                                            Silky Oak

          H33 W35 D24                                                                               H115 W40 D20


           GINO CHIODO                                                           JANET COYNE
           "Edgell Tower"                                                           "Moon Watcher"
            Recycled Objects                                                     Cemlite
            H120 W70 D70                                                         H110 W36 D36


          PAUL DIMMER                                                     MARK FALLONE
          "Young Myth"                                                         "Reclining Figure"
          Recycled Copper, stainless steel                    Bronze   Edition 1/12
          H120 W80 D35                                                     H20 W20 D35


          JAN FERGUSON                                                                                      BABETTE FORSTER GOMME
          "Pearl"                                                                                                         "Pooch the Second"
           Plaster, Mixed media                                                                              Reinforced Cement
           H17 W22 D52                                                                                          H45 W36 D17


                   FRONSNOVA                                                                    WOLFGANG GOWIN
                   "Moon & Sun (1)"                                                              "Magpie"
                   Bronze, glass, stainless steel, granite                         Acrylic on concrete, rope, stone
                   H45 W36 D15                                                                    H213 W104 D69


             JENNY GREEN                                           AMANDA HARRISON
             "Love's Philosophy"                                    "On a Wing and a Prayer"
              Recycled steel                                            Bronze
              H60 W30 D30                                             H26 W24 D11


             IRENE HECKENBERG                                         PETER HEY
             "Strata Blue"                                                            "Flinders Investigator"

             Ceramic                                                                   Stainless steel, Sandstone
             H62 W35 D20                                                         H90 W140 D45


              ARGO HO                                                                                ROBIN HOLLIDAY
              "Hatch"                                                                                     "DNA Structure"
              Bronze                                                                                      Bronze
               H23 W21 D18                                                                        H57 W57 D57



                  PIN HSUN HSIANG                                                                DA TUAN JIE HUANG (DaH)
                  "Eternity"                                                                                   "Fashion - Source #4"

                  Fibreglass                                                                                Rosewood
                  H70 W60 D25                                                                          H45 W18 D10

         IAN SCOTT                                                                                            ODETTE IRELAND
         "Husband & Wife l-lV"                                                                          "Box Juggler"
         Bronze, Wood                                                                                        Fired clay, timber, oxides
         H57 W33 D37                                                                                       H34 W84 D21 


                JOLANTA JANAVICIUS                                                  PIERS JONES
                "Siblings"                                                                          "The Smoker"
                Ceramic                                                                            Sandstone
                H35 W21 D8                                                                    H44 W60


       SANDRA JONES                                                DENNIS KALOUS
       "Saint Mary MacKillop"                                       "Bondi Venus"
       Stainled ceramic stoneware                            Stone, wood
        H66 W56 D46                                                    H63 W15 D17



                 KANG JUN                                                                      EVA KELLERMAN
                 "Water Bird Catches Fish"                                           "Goddess lV"
                 Rosewood                                                                      Plaster
                 H30 W20 D12                                                                H42 W12 D12


                     KIM ELLIOTT                                                                           ALEX KOLOZSY
                     "Psyche"                                                                                  "Dame Joan Sutherland as Norma"
                     Bronze  Edition: 1/12                                                             Bronze, Marble
                     H25 W15 D15                                                                         H55 W35 D26


                 BLAZE KRSTANOSKI-BLAZESKI                                                 HELEN LEETE
                 "Global"                                                                                          "Balance (2011)"
                 Bronze                                                                                             Bronze
                 H20 W20 D20                                                                                H90 W45 D20



          PETER LEWIS                                                                                        VIVIENNE LOWE
          "Asleep"  (series 6)                                                                                "Winter Absinthe"
          Aluminium                                                                                                Winterstone, Sandstone
           H15 W52 D33                                                                                         H80 W20 D20


                    WILLIAM MAGUIRE                                            VREJ MATOSSIAN
                    "Succulent"                                                          "Explorer of Time"
                    Forged steel, timber                                           Copper
                    H120 W45 D45                                                   H55 W32 D28


                 ROGER MCFARLANE                                                       KATHLEEN MCKENZIE
                 "Fruitful"                                                                                "Awakening"
                 Roso Carpazi Marble                                                        Hebel, mosaic
                 H40 W32 D20                                                                     H61 W28 D20


              ANGELA MORRELL                                                                   TOM MOURAD
              "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"                                      "Huwawa"
              Bronze, stone, granite                                                                Cedar (Lebanese Cedares)
              H42 W52 D17                                                                              H130 W80 D80


            TONY NESBITT                                  MICHA NUSSINOV
            "Carbon Wax"                                      "Taking a Ride with Lizi"

             Huon Pine                                           Mixed Media
             H98 W17 D17                                     H70 W43 D60



       ERNIE PERKINS                                                                TERRANCE PLOWRIGHT
       "Brogues"                                                                             "Tribute to Beethoven's Sixth"
        Wood (Southery Myrtle)                                                     Cast 316 Stainless Steel.  Edition: 1/6
        H10 W12 D20                                                                     H33 W143 D37



                  MAREE PRIOR                                                                      LESLEY PROSSER
                  "The Leap"                                                                             "Connections  lll"
                  Stone, Plaster                                                                        Steel, Permalac sealer
                  H52 W30 D22                                                                        H64 W46 D24



                   FEISAL RAMADAN                                                               CAROLYN RENDLE
                   "The Fireman"                                                                      "Twitter #2"
                   Bronze                                                                                    Woven Stainless steel, copper wire
                    H50 W40 D40                                                                      H35 W20 D20


                     ROBIN REYNOLDS                                                     DINO ROGLIANI
                     "Tasmanian Devil"                                                       "Leaving Home"
                     Bronze                                                                             Bronze
                     H17 W10 D10                                                                H29 W20 D5


               RAIMONDS RUMBA                                                 ROBIN RUMPF
               "Untitled"                                                                     "Manning Moves"
               Terracotta   (available in bronze)                            Manning River Rock
               H35 W25 D20                                                            H20 W20 D50


                MAURICE SCHLESINGER                                                    LJUBOV SEIDL
                "Liftoff"                                                                                        "Magic of the Sundown"
                Steel, acrylic                                                                              Cast crystal, glass, gold paint
                H12 W12 D12                                                                           H40 W40 D15


                JAN SHAW                                                                             MARGARET SHERIDAN
                 "Pixel Tower 2"                                                                     "Black Orpheus"
                 Wood, offcuts, acrylic paint                                                Belgium Black Marble
                 H60 W24 D23                                                                     H27 W27 D16


                    CHRISTINE SIMPSON                                         LARISSA SMAGARINSKY
                    "Carbon Waves"                                                    "Movement"
                    Mixed Media                                                            Cast Stone
                    H180 W60 D50                                                       H113 W112 D100


               DAVID SOLOMON                                                                                        ROZ STAMPFLI
               "Blue Spider"                                                                                                 "Clara, the Chook Girl"
               Ceramic, Iron                                                                                                 Wire
               H19 W16 D17                                                                                                H60 W165 D90


                 RICHARD STUTCHBURY                                                   PETRA SVOBODA
                 "Dream Jeanie"                                                                     "Gekko-Neko (Make Believe Cat)"
                 Bronze, granite                                                                       Ceramic, metallic glaze.  Edition: 1/5
                 H40 W35 D30                                                                         H41 W29 D47


                WARRICK TIMMINS                                                             FEYONA VAN STOM
                "Great Expectations"                                                            "Desert Maid"
                AAC on Black granite                                                            Bronze
                 H60 W20 D20                                                                       H65 W45 D40


                  WILLEM VAN STOM                                                      BELINDA VILLANI
                  "Pirateer"                                                                         "Cavallo Nero"
                  Found metal, carparts                                                  Rattan, steel, timber
                  H62 W45 D33                                                                H80 W60 D30


             JOHN WOULFE                                                          EFAT YAHYAOGLU
             "Traditional Cutter"                                                     "Repose"
             Stainless steel, Australian Red Cedar                   Bronze
             H120 W120 D120                                                       H15 W25 D20


              SALLY ZYLBERBERG                                                      GARY BOOTE
              "I spy...grass tree"                                                             "Pods lll"
              Smalti, stainless steel wire, glass beads.                   Galvanised wire, enamel paint
              H105 W95 D60                                                                  H70 W30 D30