Towers 2011

Governors Phillip & Macquarie Towers  -  1 Farrer Place
Chifley Towers - cnr Phillip & Bent Streets
2nd May - 20th May 2011


        Cathie Alexander                                                                                   Pat Anderson
        "Lady Grand"  Ed 1/3                                                                             "Random Thoughts"
        Wood (includes plinth)                                                                          Porcelain


        Pat Anderson                                                                                          June Bennett
        "Leda's Daughter"                                                                                  "Spirit of Darkness"
        Porcelain                                                                                                  Wood, bronze


            Blaze Krstanoski Blazeski                                                   John Brooke
            "Talk To Me"                                                                            "Sea Change"
             Bronze                                                                                     Steel Scrap Metal   


      John Brooke                                                                                 Keith Chidzey
      "Here Comes Summer"                                                             "Daily Poise"
       Steel, Scrap Metal                                                                        Bronze, Steel  


        Beth Crawford                                                                             Paul Dimmer
        "Australian Ceramic Tablet with Fish"                                            "It's Not Over 'Til..."
        Fired Ceramic                                                                               Mixed Media    



          Paul Dimmer                                                                                                      Babette Forster Gomme
          "Myth ll"                                                                                                                 "Pooch"
          Old Spanners                                                                                                      Reinforced Concrete     


              Jenny Green                                                                                                 Jenny Green
              "Rambling Rose"                                                                                         "Blithe Spirit"
              Reclaimed Steel                                                                                           Electrobronzed Steel


              Amanda Harrison                                                                     Amanda Harrison
              "Not Easy Being Different"                                                      "Contemplation"
              Stoneware Ceramic                                                                 Pit-Fired Ceramic


               Robert Hawkins                                                                 Peter Hey
               "The Human Lottery"                                                         "Flinders Investigator"
               Wood                                                                                    Stainless steel, Sandstone


               Irene Heckenberg                                         Irene Heckenberg
               "There's A Chair In There"                              "A Touch Of Colour On A Winter's Day"
               Ceramic                                                          Ceramic


                 Jolanta Janavicius                                         Jolanta Janavicius
                 "Sun Lover"       Ed 1/10                                "Embrace"
                 Bronze                                                              Ceramic - raku  


          Sandra Jones                                                                                         Kang Jun
          "Studio Model #1"                                                                                   "Knot #2"
          Ceramic                                                                                                    Rosewood


         Kang Jun                                                                                               Helen Leete
         "Ox"                                                                                                         "Whirlpool"
         Rosewood                                                                                             Cast Stone and Marble


           Angela Morrell                                                                                         Carolyn Rendle
           "Blue Box"                                                                                                 "Petal"
           Perspex, clay                                                                                            Mixed Media


            Ayako Saito                                                                                               Ayako Saito
            "Forget Me Not"                                                                                        "Vase Woman"
             Bronze  Ed 1/4                                                                                         Bronze   Ed 4/4


        Ian Scott                                                                                                John Seed
        "The Hole In The Ground"                                                                 "When The Cities Lie at the Monster's Feet"
        Bronze                                                                                                   Powdercoated Steel


        John Seed                                                                                          Ljubov Seidl
        "Aurora"                                                                                               "Magic of the Sundown"
        Powdercoated Steel                                                                         Cast Crystal Glass, Metal


         Larissa Smagarinsky                                                   Larissa Smagarinsky                                     
         "Baby"                                                                              "Contemplation"                                                      
          Bronze   Ed 1/11                                                           Cast Stone                                             


              Petra Svoboda                                                        Jan Shaw
              "Gokko-Neko (make believe dog)"                      "Torso"
              Ceramic                                                                   Sandstone, Marble


              David Solomon                                                      Michael Vaynman
              "The Lucky Owl"                                                     "Dance of Flame"
              Ceramic - Raku fired                                             Bronze  A/P


                 Michael Vaynman                                                    Feyona van Stom
                 "Hurricane"                                                               "Begin"
                 Bronze   A/P                                                              Ceramic, multi glazed


              Feyona van Stom                                                         Willem van Stom
              "Florence"                                                                      "Shepherd"
              Ceramic                                                                         Car Parts, Metal


              Willem van Stom                                                           Pat Anderson
              "Rocket"                                                                          "Awakening"
              Car Parts, Metal                                                             Porcelain


                    June Bennett                                                  Newton Bishop
                    "Vertical in Copper"                                       "The Continuous Swirl"
                    Copper, Brass                                               Somersby Sandstone


          John Brooke                                                                                         Irene Carroll
          "Sea Sprite"                                                                                          "Out of the Earth"
          Steel Scrap Metal                                                                                Tree Root



              Keith Chidzey                                                      Paul Dimmer
              "Body Beautiful"                                                  "Young Myth"
              Mixed Media                                                        Steel, Copper


               Babette Forster Gomme                                       Jenny Green
               "Fido"                                                                         "Verdant"
               Reinforced Concrete                                              Reclaimed Steel


              Amanda Harrison                                                   John Harrington
              "Crazed Torso"                                                        "Extreme Snow Sports"
              Ceramic - Raku                                                      Masterworks


             Robert Hawkins                                                  Irene Heckenberg
             "The Long Goodbye"                                          "Windows On The City"
              Wood                                                                    Ceramic


                Jolanta Janavicius                                       Kang Jun
                "Rebel"                                                           "Knot #3"
                Ceramic                                                          Rosewood
        Helen Leete                                                                                     Peter Lewis
        "Arched Back Bather"                                                                     "Asleep - series 4"
        Bronze   Ed 2/7                                                                                Ceramic  Ed 1/10


            Angela Morrell                                           Julie Haseler Reilly
            "Intimacies"                                               "Proserpine Says Yes!"
             Bronze, Stainless Steel                          Bronze   Ed 1/6 


              Carolyn Rendle                                                             Ayako Saito
              "Petal #2"                                                                       "Monn"
              Mixed Media                                                                   Bronze  Ed 1/5


             Ian Scott                                                                                                 John Seed
             "The Vision ll"                                                                                        "Who Knew"
             Bronze                                                                                                    Powdercoated Steel


              Ljubov Seidl                                               Ljubov Seidl
              "Story Teller"                                              "Micro Marine"
              Mixed Media                                               Ceramic  


               Jan Shaw                                                                    Jan Shaw
               "Sails"                                                                          "Owl"
               Marble on Granite                                                      Sandstone/Metal/Glass


           David Solomon                                                                                     Michael Vaynman
           "The Wacky Cat"                                                                                   "Up, Up and Away"
           Ceramic                                                                                                 Cast Resin  A/P


              Feyona van Stom                                                          Willem van Stom
              "Ms Mosman"                                                                "Tractor"
              Ceramic                                                                          Car Parts/metal


               Sally Zylberberg
               "Life's Journey"
               Smalti Mosaic