Gateway Exhibition Gallery 2011


28 February - 25 March 2011


To view John Brooke's exhibition review please click here


      ADDIS                                                                JUNE BENNETT                         SENDEN BLACKWOOD
      "Amore"  (Ed of 25)                                              "Elegance"                                   "Takana"
       Bronze                                                               Wombeyan Marble, granite       Limestone, steel (base included)


      JOHN BROOKE                                                                          ANTHONY BRUNSKILL
      "That's Why They Call It The Blues"                                              "Lara Reveals All"  (Ed 1/6)
       Steel                                                                                          Acrylic, glass


      KERRY CANNON                                                                              NOLA DIAMANTOPOULOS
      "Haystack Alpinas"                                                                            "Breath iV"  (Ed 1/5)
       Bronze                                                                                                 Cast sanguine resin


      BABETTE FORSTER GOMME                                                         FRONSNOVA
      "A Day at the Polo Cross"                                                                "Moon & Sun II"
       Concrete, resin, wood                                                                     Bronze, stainless steel, glass, granite



       JOHN GARDNER                                                                   GARNER
       "Pathway"                                                                             "Half Moon Bay, California"
        Glass, stainless steel, bronze                                                 Steel


       ERNIE GERZABEK                                                                        WOLFGANG GOWIN
       "Cube Variation #2"                                                                         "Magpie"
       Recycled timber                                                                              Concrete, rope, steel, stone



       JENNY GREEN                                           AMANDA HARRISON                             ROBERT HAWKINS
       "The Dancer"  (Ed 5/9)                               "Serenity"                                                "The Last Thing on my MInd"
        Bronze, granite                                            Pit fired ceramic                                    Timber, metal



          IRENE HECKENBERG                                                        PETER HEY
          "There's a Chair in There"                                                   "Flinders Investigator"
          Ceramic                                                                            Stainless steel, sandstone


          JOLANTA JANAVICIUS                                                              HELEN LEETE
          "Eve"  (Ed of 10)                                                                          "Golden Oval Tantra"
           Bronze                                                                                          Bronze


          VREJ MATOSSIAN                                                                   ANGELA MORRELL
          "Euphoria"                                                                                "Ladder Theory"
           Stainless steel                                                                          Bronze


          MICHA NUSSINOV                            TERRANCE PLOWRIGHT                        SALLIE PORTNOY
          "Scarecrow"                                      "Exploration of Elegance"                         "Metamorphic Meditations"

          Mixed media                                      Stainless steel                                         Cast lead crystal glass


         MYLES RAINE                                                                     FEISAL RAMADAN
         "Curse of the Bubblegum"                                                     "The Fireman"   (Ed 3/8)
         Cararra Marble, stainless steel                                               Bronze



        ROBIN RUMPF                                                                                 MAURICE SCHLESINGER

        "Sliced Gold"                                                                                    "Inscape"
        Anguston Gold Marble                                                                        Steel, glass


         IAN SCOTT                                                                                                JOHN SEED
         "Two Buskers"                                                                                          "Aurora"
          Bronze                                                                                                       Steel, sandstone


        LJUBOV SEIDL                                                                         JAN SHAW
        "Waves & Splashes"                                                                "Ridgeback"
        Bronze                                                                                         Shoalhaven riverstone, granite


       MARGARET SHERIDAN                                                                    LARISSA SMAGARINSKY
       "Cedar's Heritage"                                                                              "Movement"  (Ed 1/7)
       Australian Red Cedar                                                                        Cast stone


        PETRA SVOBODA                                                              WILLEM VAN STOM
        "Gokko-Inu - Make Believe Dog" (Ed 7/40)                                "Tractor"
        Ceramic                                                                                 Carparts


                   FEYONA VAN STOM                                                                                 GUNNEL WATKINS
                   "Florence"                                                                                                   "Inspiration"  Ed 4/7
                   Ceramic                                                                                                      Acrylic resin



                     SALLY ZYLBERBERG
                     "Life's Journey"
                      Smalti + Mirror tiles