Darling Park Exhibition Gallery 2009

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3 August - 5 September - Exhibitors and Award Winners

       Argo Ho     "Delicacy"                                                    Micha Nussinov      "On an Island"
       Bronze                                                                             Mixed Media
       Winner of the Franco Belgiorno-Nettis                     Winner of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize  
       Transfield Holdings Prize


        Angela Morrell        "Spirit Connects"                Anita Larkin             "L'Etudiant Pauvre"        
        Bronze, concrete                                                   Electrical wire, collected objects
        Received the Highly Commended Award                       


       Terrance Plowright   "Inseparable"                   Feisal Ramadan     "Metamorphosis"
       Granite,                                                                   Wood
       Received the Highly Commended Award        Received the Highly Commended Award


         Maurice Schlesinger   "Onward and Upward"           Larissa Smagarinsky     "Guitar Man" 
         Steel                                                                                  Bronze
         Received the Highly Commended Award                  Received the Highly Commended Award


          Irene Heckenberg   "Acropolis Metropolis"           Jenny Green    "When Moonbeams Kiss The Sea"
          Ceramic                                                                       Polyurethane coated steel                                                           
          Received the Highly Commended Award             Received the Highly Commended Award


          Jan Howard Shaw  "Shadow Reflection"        Jolanta Janavicius       "In Memory of Black Saturday 09"
          Resin                                                                      Ceramic - Raku
          Winner of the Australian Bronze Prize               



         Sallie Portnoy   "Lilith"                                               Robin Rumpf           "Anguston Icycles"
         Cast lead glass, crystal                                           Anguston green marble
         Winner of the Sculptors Society                              Winner of the Lathams Australia Prize
         Figurative Award


        Lesley Prosser        "Stasis"                                            Zoe Harrington                  "The Procession"
        Steel                                                                                     Ceramic
        Winner of the Roger Fenton Prize                               



        June Bennett                                                                              Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski
        "Blue Tower"                                                                              "Fable of the Ocean"
         Powdercoated Aluminium                                                      Bronze
         Winner of the Barnes Products Prize                                   Winner of the Crawford's Casting Prize

    May Barrie                                                                                        John Brooke
    "Outcrop"                                                                                         "Surf's up, No worries"
    Anguston Pink Marble                                                                   Painted Steel  
    Winner of the Sculptors Society Abstract Award                                                                                      


             Glenis Devereux                                                                                     Paul Dimmer
             "Pan the Lothario"                                                                                  "Journey of the Sentinels"
             Bronze                                                                                                       Mixed metals, Huon Pine, Red Gum
             Received the Highly Commended Award


              Elly Buckley                                                                      Victoria Norman
              "Destiny"                                                                          "Dancing Girl"  Edition of 3
              Acrylic                                                                                Acrylic Resin, Copper and Sandstone base

                 Feyona van Stom         "Manhattan"                      Ian Frew  "William The Conqueror"
                 Ceramic                                                                    Steel, grey gum

               Wolfgang Gowin  "Bamboo Meets Aspen"            Ernie Gerzebek   "Day & Night Mandala"
               Mixed media                                                                Recycled timber              


            Peter Hey        "Autumn - Montgue St Goulburn"                        Christine Simpson-Reeves  
            Copper, stone                                                                                  "Earth Story" Ed. 1/4
                                                                                                                         Electroplated bronze, hubcap


         Gunnel Watkins           "Context"                                                     Petrena Shaw         "Multatago Crab"  edition 24
         Hydrastone                                                                                        Bronze


            Tom Mourad    "Mother's Heart"                                Myles Raine   "Curse of the Bubble Gum"
            Lebanese Cedar                                                         Carrara Marble,  stainless steel


          Ella Krug          "Sanctuary"                                                                   Ljubov Seidl   "Garden with Memories"
          Redgum, Pilbara greenstone                                                             Cast Crystal and formed glass                    


      Jan Shaw      "Cascade"                                                             Michael Vaynman          "First Meeting"   Edition 10
      Painted Wood                                                                               Bronze               

        Robin Holliday   "Hollow Form"                                                           Mason Cunliffe    "Football"
        Bronze                                                                                                      Stainless steel
                                                                                                                           Winner - People's Choice Award

        Pin Hsun Hsiang   "Naughty Girl 5"                           Pin Hsun Hsiang    "Fish"
        Timber, wire                                                                   Glass, sandstone, timber


       Kay Alliband      "High Tea"                                                            Willem van Stom     "Millipede"
       Ceramic                                                                                             Steel, carparts, horseshoes


                    Torben Jensen    "Barnowl"                    Gary Boote    "Sleeping Beauty"  Ed. 1/30
                    Huon Pine                                                  Gypsum polymer

              Dallas Bromley  "Symphony"                                                               David Solomon      "Scab City 1"
              Quartz, marble, acrylic, gold leaf                                                         Ceramic - Raku


                  Efat Yahyaoglu      "A Perching Bird"                                                 Ella Krug         "Contemplation"
                  Wood                                                                                                      Flamestone    


                      Gib Owen     "Advaita"                                                  Ian Scott    "This Is The Way I See It"
                      Chilean maple, granite                                               Bronze


                     Iska Coutts       "Happy Couple"                                           Jan Howard Shaw    "Torso 1"
                     Hydrostone plaster                                                                 Camphor Laurel


                      Helen Leete    "African Inspiration"  Ed. 2/7           Mark Fallone          "Simplicity 1"
                      Bronze                                                                           Sandstone, marble      


       Margaret Sheridan                                                                            Sally Zylberberg
       "Return of the Formorii"  Ed. 1/3                                                    "Between Heaven and Earth"
       Bronze, wood                                                                                     Mosaic, stainless steel, mixed media


        Gino Chiodo   (from l - r )  "Awesome"   "Freedom"   "Liberty"              Victor Cusack     "Dancing Woman"   Ed. 1/10
        Cast aluminium                                                                                             Cast clear acrylic


                Paul Dimmer   "Thirst"                                        Odette Ireland            "The Bather"
                Recycled copper, wood                                      Ceramic
       Newton Bishop                                      Peter Lewis
      "Leap of Faith"                                       "Asleep"
      Sandstone                                             Ceramic

    Maria Aguilera-Mendoza                                                           Marianella Braithwaite  
     "Head Heart"                                                                           "Extended Family"
      Bronze                                                                                   Terracotta, steel, rocks


         Robert Fry                                                           Wendy Black
         "Poetry in Motion"                                                "Mortality"
         Rosewood                                                           Mixed media


                  Gino Sanguineti                                                Gino Sanguineti
                  "Nike"                                                              "Leda And The Bird"

                 Steel                                                                Steel