Governors Phillip & Macquarie Towers Exhibition Gallery 2009


Governors Phillip & Macquarie Towers Exhibition Gallery 2009

4 May - 22 May 2009

Anthony Brunskill                                                           Anthony Brunskill
"Young Lady"                                                                    "Balance"
Bronze  -  Outdoor                                                             Bronze  -  Outdoor

Angela Morrell                                                                 Angela Morrell
"Bright Spark"                                                                   "Coo-eee"
Recycled Materials - Indoor                                           Aluminium, mirror, painted wood

Angela Morrell                                                          Joan Brown                               
"On The Razzle"                                                        "Gods of the Aegean"
Recycled Materials - Indoor                                    Bronze  -  Indoor

Dennis Kalous                                                                      Feyona vanStom
"Feeding Herons"                                                                 "Blue Mountain"
Glass, Sandstone    -     Indoor                                           Ceramic  -  Outdoor

Feyona vanStom                                                                    Feyona vanStom
"Dancer"                                                                                  "Aqua Sprite"
Raku-fired Ceramic   -  Outdoor                                          Ceramic  -  Outdoor

Irene Heckenberg                                      Irene Heckenberg                   Irene Heckenberg
"Acropolis Metropolis"                               "Acropolis Metropolis 2"         "Greenhouse Effect"
Clay   -  Outdoor                                          Clay  -  Outdoor                         Clay  -  Outdoor

Jan Howard Shaw                                         Jan Howard Shaw                                     Jan Howard Shaw
"Meditation"                                                     "Torso"                                                          "Torso"
Ceramic  -  Indoor                                          Camphor Laurel -  Indoor                          Cedar  -  Indoor

Jenny Green                                                                                                       Jenny Green
"Ripples On The Sea Of Life"                                                                          "Solitude"
Powder Coated Steel  -  Indoors                                                                     Powder Coated Steel  -  Indoors

Jenny Green                                                                                                 Jenny Green
"Synergy"                                                                                                       "Windswept"
Powder Coated Steel  -  Indoors                                                               Powder Coated Steel  -  Indoors

Helen Leete                                                                                              Myles Raine
"Golden Tantra"                                                                                       "So You Think You Can Dance"
Bronze   -  Indoor                                                                                      Sandstone  -  Outdoor

Myles Raine                                                                                          Peter Lewis
"The Curse Of The Plastic Bag"                                                        "Affection"
Marble  -  Indoor                                                                                    Bronze, Granite  -  Indoor

Peter Lewis                                                                                             Peter Lewis
"Song Bird"                                                                                              "Wild Spirit"
WA Pilbara Stone  -  Indoor                                                                   Onyx   -   Indoor

Robert Hawkins                                                                          Robert Hawkins
"Tabula Rasa"                                                                             "No Room At The Top"
Wood     -  Indoor                                                                         Wood, Metal, Acrylic     -   Indoor

Petrena Shaw                                                                                            Sally Zylberberg
"Pearly Shells"                                                                                            "Vroom Vroom"
Bronze  -  Indoor                                                                                         Ceramic, Mosaic  -  Indoor

Tom McMahon                                                                                            Tom McMahon
"Lotus Bird"                                                                                                  "Numbat"
Bronze  -  Outdoor                                                                                        Bronze  -  Outdoor