Sandra  JONES


Sandra Jones, sculptor
Sandra has been practicing sculpture for four decades.
Sandra is an independent thinker who has never felt the pressure to conform to mainstream preoccupations or aspirations. She trained in the 70’s and spent a long gestation period as a student till ‘84 at Gymea TAFE participating in all aspects of art practice and study for several years. Then went on to train as a sculptor at the College of Fine Art in Paddington. Sandra’s prolific body of work extends over the four decades of practice. During this time Sandra’s body of work is mainly represented in generic human form and articulation of the Human Emotional Condition.
Working in clay has always been her favourite medium. During the last ten years whilst working in a drawing club modelling clay and studying the nude model. Sandra formed a Series of work that has taken one decade to conceive and complete. These are very affordable pieces and available to view on the website. All the work for sale is original moulded sculpture fired with glazes that are selected to enhance the mood and sensibility of the work.  
The larger studio pieces studio pieces are the result of a life’s dedicated work.
Degrees and diplomas –
1989 to 1992 Unit 1 to 111 Ceramics
1979 to 1984 Art Certificate Course
1988 to 1993 Bachelor of Art Education
2003         Diploma Art Gallery of New South Wales
Special Awards and Achievements
Highly recommended in painting                          1983
Distinction Sculpture - UNSWCOFA                      1993
Distinction Drawing   - UNSWCOFA                       1989
Distinction Design     - UNSWCOFA                       1990
First in Life Sculpture – The Sculpture Society   2010
Areas of Specialty
High School Visual Art Teacher               1993 -  2006
Trained to Teach - NSW art Curriculum
                               -  All areas of Visual Art practice
Main Strengths
Sculpting in Ceramics practising                1989 – 2011

Sandra JONES

Contact Details

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