A little bit  about me and the sculptures-- September 2018

I am a sculptor who works in wood and uses metal and resins for colour and special effects.

 The displayed images are comprised of some older pieces as well as the most recent ones.

 The set of ‘4 Kings of a Suit of Cards’ is the latest work.  The pieces are carved from American Ash wood and incorporate pigmented resin inlay and surface application.   They stand 60cm tall and each has been given an identity and status which I think is in accord with its historical importance and suit value as in the game of Bridge.                

 ·         The King of Clubs is Ghengis Khan who founded the Mongolian Empire which, when completed by his offspring, became the largest land-based empire in the world.

 ·         The King of Diamonds is Alfred the Great, recognised as the first king of a unified England which eventually became the British Empire.

 ·         The King of Hearts is Karl the Great (or as the French call him, Charlemagne), who united the German tribes and ruled most of Western Europe.  He was anointed by the Pope as the first Holy Roman Emperor.

 ·         The King of Spades is Constantine the Great, the emperor of both east and west Roman Empires who ruled from the mega-city of Byzantium, later renamed in his honour as Constantinople (present day Istanbul).



My contact details:

             Aris Ruicens

             5 Jamison Street

             Blaxland, NSW, 2774





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