Bachelor of Laws LL.B (Melbourne University)
Graduate Certificate in Art Authentication The Potter Institute, University of Melbourne.

Artist Description:

Robert trained as a lawyer in Melbourne where he practised law for several decades. In 2001 he moved to country Victoria in the Daylesford region where he also practiced law for some years. From the early 1990’s to approximately 2003 he combined his practice of law with designing and making along with his partner, steel and wood furniture and some limited number of gates. This was done with some success and garnered many commissions to design and make items in and around the Melbourne area.
After 2006 he took up a long standing wish to take up painting and then tentatively into sculpture which seemed a normal progression from the design work and hand manufacturing in which he had been involved hitherto, much of which had been quite sculptural in nature.

Artist Statement:

Robert’s work speaks to the viewer through the perception of motion captured usually through the interplay of abstract forms. At times there can also be an interplay of light between them, enhancing this perception of lightness and movement, even within the framework of at times heavy materials. Solid colour is often used in preference to patina on some works.


Contact Details

To contact this sculptor, please email Eva Chant, Sculptors Society Secretary, at