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Gunnel Watkins, Sculptor and Transpersonal Art Therapist:

Currently the objective of my work is to bring psychological properties into existence. To create ‘essence of distinction’ in form. I create a connection, open up a dialogue between a psychological property and a physical object, both distinct yet connected. The association is created through fluidity of form, language, and distinctions that influence my journey.
Principles of transpersonal art therapy are central to my artistic expression, including the premise that the art-making process is salutary in and of itself.
Inspired by the words: “When the soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her and steps into it “. Meister Eckhart

•    Education: current/ Cert IV Fine Arts; Diploma Transpersonal Art Therapy; Mastery Programme, Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School (mentored by Tom Bass over 12yr period); TAFE Certificate Fine Arts (Sculpture); Statement of Accomplishment (Distinction) Introduction to Art Concepts and Techniques; Advanced Sculpture Programme, North New Jersey Art Academy; Workshops incl: silicone mould making 2006; Life Study for Sculpture 2008, 2009, 2010, Drawing for Sculpture 2009, 2010.

•    Awards: Finalist 2014 Chippendale Art Prize; 2009 Hornsby Art Award (Sculpture), two highly commended; 2012 Hornsby Art prize, highly commended; 2007 North Jersey Art Academy, awarded 1st prize sculpture - abstract category.

•    Exhibitions: Gunnel has exhibited at numerous Exhibitions with the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School, in 2016 she exhibited with a Ceramicist in a dual exhibition “Continuum”;  and is an Arcadia Artist Trail Artist.   Full member of the NSW Sculptors Society since 2007 (exhibiting at Gateways, Darling Park, Australia Square and MLC). She has exhibited with Blue Mountains Artists Network, ArtSite Camperdown, Hang Gallery Brooklyn and  Newcastle; Continuum, Tom Bass Gallery.

•    Exhibitions in  2017:
    “Art in the Hills”, Castle Hill, March 2017
    Sculptors Society, Incinerator Gallery, Willoughby  - “Wind”, March 2017

•    Teacher and mentor: Gunnel has taught a Foundation Course in Sculpture at Dense Park - Epping Community Art Centre and mentors private students. She facilitates a Workshop in Creative Alchemy – the exploration of self-expression and creative being and she has run workshops pertaining to Transpersonal Art Therapy. She currently works with StudioArtes and Sunshine supporting people with disabilities to express their uniqueness through visual art. 

•    List of works:

•    Other: Gunnel lives on the Hawkesbury River at Berowra Waters and has curated the Hawkesbury Artist on the River Exhibition. A sculptor for 20 years. She currently works with StudioArtes and Sunshine supporting people with disabilities to express their uniqueness through visual art and is completing a Cert IV Disabilities.

 Creating Vessels of Possibility - sourced by experience and exploration of self, creating pathways for reflection, greater awareness and healing.
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Gunnel Watkins

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