Natalia  Smith


A move to Brisbane at the end of 2016 took me not only to new places geographically but also opened up the world of sculpture.  In February, 2017 I felt clay, and watch my first face emerge. I was transported by the experience into the world I'm now immersed in.  Currently I specialise in bronze portraiture.  The ability to capture someone, to see a moment of emotion held for eternity, lures me like a sportsman to a contest, a dancer to a stage. A sculptured creation in bronze is an unequalled honour, a display of deep rich respect.
This flows through to the works on a double series acknowledging Our Australians; our Sporting Legends, and our Interesting & Influentials.  
Prior to bronzing, the beauty of a face emerging is distanced by the person being captured, their cheekiness, passion, or strength shining through. This process takes time, a love of detail, and an eye for uniqueness.

My story doesn't consist of a deep history in art tuition.  It is a story of someone who stumbled across a little something within them.  It makes me wonder how many others are there, like me, who have yet to stumble across their 'little something '.

Natalia Smith

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