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Once Upon a Time in Queensland..........................................Graham Radcliffe.23.4.14.

I imagine that had I been born in another time, that I would have ended up in a monastery,
for I have searched for the connection between Man and our Creator from an early age.
My Mother, bless her, always thought that I was to be an artist, and I was sent to the art classes of
Videy Lahey. But my Father had different ideas. Only girls became artists. So I ended up as a fitter
and turner.

My first sculptures were made in sandstone, and I used to go and camp up at the Helidon quarry,
mosquitos and all, and before the age of angle grinders and diamond saws. I actually damaged my
right hand from all the hammering and I did not work for some seventeen years after. Divorced, I had
two sons to raise and get through University. Secretly I went to classes with Irene Amos. I sought
solitude and in 1975, I bought a block of land at Cape Tribulation, and after my boys went on their
way, I sold up and went bush, or rather, beach, with precious little in my wallet in 1981.

But Fate came along in the form of a beautiful young German girl in 1984, walking on my beach. We
married in 1986, and selling up once again, we went to Italy for the first time. I did my first marble
sculpture in a studio in Torino. It was snowing. Freezing cold. A famous sculptor Felice Vatteroni
worked there. His comment was..every year they come to butcher the marble. I have tried not to be a

 To transpose our thoughts into the three dimensional reality in stone is a challenge. We each develop
our own calligraphy, our own way of interpreting emotion and movement. We each experience our
own journey through spiritual realms and try to express them, either consciously or subconsciously,
into some form in solid material. This is the agony of creativity. How do we reach through the stargate
of creativity and return with our inspiration and ability to create some meaningful art. What is the fuel
for this journey?
I believe it is passion. Passion to search for our connection to the universe.

 Such preoccupations are not compatible with earning a living and surviving in todays world of brilliant
IT innovation. Computer generated art of myriad shapes and colours are clever and perhaps
entertaining for a moment. Installations may present some transient thought.
I find it difficult to find love in laser beams, broken glass or found objects.
Michelangelo's words..........The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.
If we could only achieve this.


We bought our present land at Mt.Glorious, and set about creating the Phoenix Sculpture Garden. We
lived on and off in Italy for six years and I made many pieces. I had exhibitions in Munich and at
Gallery 460 Gosford in 1988. In '89 I did my 4 metre Phoenix Germania for the Berlin Wall coming
down. We tried to sell it for the new Potsdamplatz, but after six years we brought it home, and it
stands as the centrepiece in our gardens. The gardens are dedicated to Peace, and we try to create an
uplifting experience for our visitors, an escape from our troubled world of wars and conflict,
corruption, and deception.

Sculpture must be made of Love…….. from Love…….. with Love.
Sculpture must be the essence of Love.
It must have empathy with some spiritual vibration from within one’s being.
It will be a reflection of our inner selves……. our souls…… no matter how we try to disguise it.
It is inseparable from our fingerprints……..yours will be yours……… mine will be mine.
If it is made from the heart it may be sculpture……… it may live.
If it is made from the mind, it will be an ornament……… an intellectual exercise.
If it is made of Love it will endure forever……… it will attract like souls.

 Pietrasanta. 21.11.1991.

I am one of the foundation members of the Sculptors Society of Queensland.

My work stands in the gardens which I have created and dedicated to world Peace………..

Phoenix Sculpture Garden and Gallery,

59 Fahey Rd., Mt. Glorious.



Graham Radcliffe




            Born in Brisbane, Queensland 1934.

Trained as Fitter and Turner before living and working in Papua, New Guinea  for five years, where Graham commenced painting in oils.

Won landscape awards Raboul Art Prize 1964-65.

First sculptures in sandstone 1968.

One of the original members of the Society of Sculptors Queensland, also current member of The Sculptors Society of NSW.

Invited to exhibit in Transfield Prize 1971.

Sculpture accepted for Flotto Lauro Prize 1971-72.

Self employed since 1969.

Joint exhibition 1981 at Bowman Gallery Brisbane.

Lived at Cape Tribulation until 1987.

1988 Exhibition „Gallery 460“, Gosford, NSW.

1988 Exhibition Munich.

Work also exhibited in Köln, Stuttgart, Munich and Monaco.

1992. wrote and published his first book „The Cosmic Messenger“, with more than 60 photographs of his works.

1993 Exhibition in Brisbane.

Invited to donate a model to Bozzetti Museum, Pietrasanta, Italy.

1995 Commission to execute sculpture for the Southport School in Bianco Carrara Marble entitled „Transient Spirit“ Ht. 3.2m. This work was completed in Italy.

1997 Pine Rivers Art Award (Aquisitive)“Alpine Reverie“ Ht.50cm.

1998 Commission for Whitehorse City Council to execute a sculpture in Bianco Carrara Marble entitled „Spirit of Whitehorse“, Ht.2.7m. This work was completed in Italy.

2001 Commission for Caboolture Shire Council to execute

a sculpture in Bianco Carrara Marble, Ht. 2.1 m including base.

2001 Exhibition in Cadolzburg/Germany

2003 „Atlantis and Beyond“, first major exhibition in artist’s

own gallery on Mt. Glorious, Brisbane

Lives and works between Italy and Mt. Glorious,Queensland, where he has established a Sculpture Garden and Gallery.

Represented in Australia, Switzerland, Germany.


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