Your new committee remains the same with an additional member - Vivienne Lowe.  Our committee is wonderful - each member has a busy life with family, friends, art and the life that we are all finding busier and busier. Vivienne Lowe and Sally Aplin are preparing to work as co-Vice Presidents.  We are hoping that each member of this team finds their own strengths and runs with it.
Feisal prepared the financial report - we are a little down from last year, but I think we had a good year in 2015, and are still in very good shape.
Our bulletin designer Claudine is stepping down. She has family commitments with 3 young children, and a new business she designed has taken off, and she needs the time to enjoy that.
Thank you Claudine for some wonderful bulletins.
Our new bulletin designer Ingrid Conde is stepping in at the deep end with this, her first bulletin. I’ve known Ingrid for several years, and know she will be good for the Sculptors Society.
Sally Zylberberg and Eva Chant and myself are still the people to send your items of news and reviews of exhibitions that you have been to and think deserve a review. If you’d like to see it in our bulletin, there is a chance others would like to as well. Any prizes you’ve won or opportunities you’ve had, we always like to promote.

Sally Aplin organised a sketch day for the Sculptors Society in the Chatswood Scout Hall - using clay or paper  or what have you? - all who attended  had a great day. Our model was terrific, and some good maquettes came out of this opportunity. If you would like this to happen again, let us know. Thank You Sally - you and Peter were outstanding.

Our Incinerator exhibition goes up on April 12 and continues to May 1st. This has always been an interesting collection of our artists works. If you aren’t in it, come and support it. Wednesdays to Sundays we are open from 10am - 4 pm, and we are planning to be open on Anzac day for the people who would like to view the show.

After the Incinerator is the MLC Centre exhibition from 30 May to 2 July. A beautiful venue to visit.

There will be opportunities this year to visit some of our artists studios - Gary will be organising this and thank you to the artists who have offered to throw open their doors,