Angela Morrell's Review 2011



ANGELA MORRELL  REVIEW:  Darling Park 2011
1st August - 3rd September. 


H90 x W45 x D20
Balance entails power, potency and worship within gender connections. It is a very recognizable image
that immediately speaks of Leete’s pronounced signature and is one in a progression of works based on
balancing dancers. Two acrobatic figures in unison create a circular and flowing movement as their
bodies connect and flow one into the other.  Negative and positive shapes have equal importance and
underscore the works equilibrium. The figures are realistic although they have been slightly distorted to
emphasise their rounded composition. Balance is an extremely refined bronze about the strong liaison
between male and female.





 Steel, Glass, Acrylic

 H68 x W80 x D68

 Nocturne is an arresting and powerful work. It is a composition of geometric shapes in black sheet steel mirrored in transparent sections of black tinted glass and acrylic, creating a feeling of darkness and nighttimes shadows.  Schlesinger uses a grouping of these elements to achieve a sense of movement within the work.
Schlesinger comments: “At the back of the sculpture I have allowed a section to extend below the plane of the plinth so that the sculpture appears to be enveloping the support in the spirit of Caro’s table sculptures”.




 "On a wing and a prayer"
 H26  x W24 x D11

It is hard to resist the humorous and fun elements within On a wing and a prayer. A phrase that originated
with the WW11 patriotic song ‘Coming in on a wing and a prayer’ tells of a damaged warplane, barely
able to limp back to base. It means in poor condition, just managing to get the job done.  A plump
cherubic androgynous figure creates a metaphor with cute little wings sprouting out of its back.  Looking
lost it’s right hand shades it’s eyes as they gaze searchingly into the distance whilst balancing on the toes
of the right foot with the left leg pointing upwards. We are left to wonder if he/she will ever make it back to




   Roso Carpazi marble
  H40 x W32  x D20

To transform a rough block of marble into such a superb structure as McFarlane has, is commendable.  
Marble carving is one of the earliest forms of sculptural expression known to man.  Gradual wearing away
with rasps, chisels and fine abrasives is a skilful process.  The procedure reveals the patterns within the
marble, adds sheen to the work and gives additional enhancement, character and depth.
The lower female torso is the centre of fertility and where human life begins… it is a subject of eternal
interest.  Fruitful expresses an aspect of physical attractiveness in compelling form. 



  "Medusa Cat"
  Ceramic, metallic glaze
  H 60   W 25   D 20
Medusa Cat is an artwork that is both unsettling and at the same time humorous. A cat, which sprouts
multiple kitten heads, hearts and flowers out of every part of her body, is a weird sight!   Unlike its
namesake, it does have an enchantment and the many inquisitive faces look alert and energetic.  There
is an instantly recognizable uneasy similarity to that of the terrifying snakes of the mythological monster,
Medusa.   Svoboda’s ceramic sculpture has a metallic glaze, which is both uniform and adept in application.  There
are a variety of recognizable influences in the sculpture from animation, pop art and fairy stories.
In our market-driven popular culture it is easy to see that the Medusa Cat could suddenly take off. 



   "Water Bird Catches Fish"

    H 30   W 20   D 12
When time is given to study the delicate carving of Jun you will have been rewarded with observing its
intricacy and masterful rendering.  A water bird with a long beak, sitting on a land formation reaches
down to the water below as it snares a fish. All of this action is meticulously carved in rosewood.  The
proportions, detail, line and spatial balance are perfect.
Carving of such high quality as Water Bird Catches Fish has a long history in a number of Asian
Cultures, particularly in China.





   Corten Steel, Stainless Steel, Sandstone
   H 170   W 120   D 120
Evolution is undoubtedly an astounding representational work.  It has slickness and style that surpasses
most other works in its wake.  The first thing that comes to mind when you see it is “wow”!   It is truly a
remarkable piece of craftsmanship.  Here is a work that demonstrates an extreme enthusiasm for the sea
and the vessels that sail on her. Woulfe’s attention to detail is remarkable and the combination of
magnificent curved stainless steel, corten steel and sandstone is impressive.
Evolution is a winner in a category all of its own. 




   "Myth 2"
   Recycled Spanners
   H 70   W 90   D 35
Myth 2  demonstrates a jumping show horse, air born in full stride complete with mane, tail and
undercarriage.  It is strongly reminiscent of Roman and Greek horses so often portrayed in ancient
mosaics and ceramics.  Such images from antiquity are often awe-inspiring in their beauty and
unequalled in majesty.  Dimmer has challenged himself to make his own modern interpretation in
sculptural form using everyday spanners of varying sizes that are curved cut and then welded together.  
A spanner is a strong image in itself and the way he has structured them giving roundness and imbuing
life into the horse’s body is remarkable.   The power and strength that emits from the work is immense.